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Port de Ballet

Port de Ballet (PDB) Brief Description & Requirements

 PDB is our new Non-Profit youth company geared for dancers that are looking to build upon their training, learn new dance works, and improve on performance skills.  These dancers should have a clear goal in mind of what they want to achieve individually and as a company member, and exhibit not only a passion for dance, but a desire to be in class.  The benefits of being part of being a part of a dance youth company are immeasurable, however your dancer will gain/learn the following skills and character traits to name a few: increased confidence, commitment, comradery, disciple and respect. Dancers will be required to take a minimum number of  classes a week with Ballet being a requirement and Tap or Jazz/Acro being  core classes.  They will have the opportunity to add on “elective” classes or additional ballet classes,  if they wish/require it,  at a Company Rate (TBD). Attendance,behavior, and appearance (dress code) will be enforced and are the responsibility of the company member.  Dancers who do not have good attendance, or show a lack of respect for the rules and respect towards fellow members and instructors will not be allowed to to represent PDB.  PDB members will have the opportunity to perform  at the Warner Grand Theater for our Spring Showcase in either group, individual or duet pieces.  I am excited to finally bring this to your dancers and am truly looking forward to working with your little, but seriously focused and dance-hungry performers as well as fundraising for them and their performances and costumes! 

PDB 2020 Our Company will consist of 10  Dancers ages 6 and up. 

Primary:: Ages 6 - 8 - Accepting 4 - Intro to Ballet/Tap, Acro (Open) PLUS Mandatory Showcase Rehearsals  (beginning April)

Petites: Ages 8 - 10 - Accepting 6 - Ballet 1 & 1b, Tap 2, Jazz/Acro PLUS Mandatory Showcase Rehearsals (beginning April)